Diet Tip Fluff Fruit

It’s a totally made up name, but it works for this easy summer dessert. Two containers of fat free or sugar free cool whip, one large package of sugar free jello (flavor of choice), diced/sliced fresh fruit to complement jello flavor.

Mix the cool whip with the jello until thoroughly combined. In a clear plastic or glass bowl (or individual glasses) layer diced fruit and then fluff mixture. Create as many layers as desired (I usually do 3 or 4).

I’ve made this with rasberry jello & apricots, orange jello with a pineapple/mango/mandarin orange/coconut mixture, strawberry jello and strawberries and other berries. It is very light and very yummy — a great way to get extra fruit in (you can vary the ratio of fruit to cool whip mixture based on preference).

Dont Wait to be Happy

This is a variation on Love the Skin You’re In.

I often tell my sons that if they wait to have everything they want to start being happy, they never, EVER will be happy. It is human nature to want more and to reach for better things.

That is a good thing, we call it Motivation. In losing weight or getting in shape, we get so used to disliking our current shape that we can’t seem to say, You look GOOD! to ourselves until we reach some fantasy ideal weight, shape, or size.

Every time you notice a positive change, no matter how small, you should have to do the dance from Evan Almighty, or at least journal about it if that’s a little much for your workplace environment.

Learn to find ways to be happy where you are while you are on your way to better things, or you will miss all the fun!

Diet Tip Get Family Involved

Since starting my journey this month, I’ve included my youngest daughter (8 years old) in the workout routine because she wanted to be healthier, too.

She loves getting on the treadmill so we work out together and play Wii together. She then gets on the same kick as me of eating healthy and makes smarter choices (most of the time) since we started.

When I’m not motivated to work out, you better believe my 8 year old is right behind me saying, Come on mommy, let’s play Wii and get on the treadmill. If an 8 year old can stay focused and on track to do it – so can I!!! Not only am I helping retrain myself on healthy living – I’m also helping give my 8 year old habits she can take with her as she grows.

All kids want attention and I can’t think of a better way to play together with my daughter.

Diet Tip Reminder Letter

Do you have a family get together coming up or any other kind of get together where there will be food?

I know many of us have the best of intentions but once we get there, we eat till we’re bursting. Try this: A few days before the gathering, write yourself a letter about why you are trying to lose weight.

Remind yourself of all the reasons you can think of. Fill it with emotion. Be straight forward and blunt about it. Do you hate yourself because you are overweight? Write about it. Hate looking in the mirror? Write about it. ANYTHING you can think of! Then carry that letter in your pocket during the get together. When you are feeling like gving in to temptation, go to the bathroom or any other quiet room, pull out the letter and read it.

It’s like having a weight loss fairy sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear.

Diet Tip Pizza Pizza

I love really thin crust, crispy pizza. Diet pizzas in the store are light on toppings and heavy on crust. I use my bread machine to make dough – (about 1/2 the flour is wh. wheat flour).

I divide the dough into 10 parts (120 cal. per piece) and roll each piece out as thin as I possibly can. This gives me full plate size crusts. I bake them on a pizza stone, cool them on a rack, and store for meals during the week.

I can make REALLY good, full plate size pizzas with 300 – 400 calories. Weigh the cheese and other ingredients. I used to think the greater the amount of cheese, the tastier. I now know less is more!

Making your own sauce from tomato paste give you control of salt, etc. My favorite is BBQ chicken. By keeping baggies of caramelized onions, grilled chicken strips, etc. available in the fridge the pizzas are quick to make and bake on the pizza stone.

Diet Tip Secrets

The Secrets to Staying Slim:

1. Research confirms that the biggest predictor of successful weight loss and maintained weight loss is — drum roll, please — exercise! Find some way to include physical activity into your busy schedule.

2. Practice your mantra every day: high fiber, low fat. When you have a choice, make it a high-fiber, low-fat choice. Choose whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein and skinless poultry.

3. There are no bad or good foods. But, there are high-calorie and low-calorie foods. If you want to eat something that’s high in calories, then make it a small serving and don’t do it every day!

4. On the days that you want to indulge in high-calorie foods, choose low-calorie foods for your other meals! For suggestions, look at secret No. 2.

5. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Studies show that people who skip meals wind up eating more at the next meal and aren’t as healthy. Eat healthy, get active and be the best you can be!

Free Diet Tips – BMI body measurements and the scale

 More Than Weight

Don’t just use the scale to measure your success, there may be reasons you are gaining weight and still losing fat (such as gaining muscle or retaining water). Be sure to measure your body mass index (BMI), here is a link to a free BMI calculator.


It used to be all the rage to simply watch your calories. Now, it seems people are concerned with how many grams of fat or carbs an item has, sometimes overlooking the calorie content. This is a mistake, make sure you look at both fat and calorie content.

 Stick to it

Achieving success in your diet will require hard work and sacrifice on your part. However if you accomplish this goal, almost every area of your life will be improved. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the reward!

 Become educated

Like anything else in life, the more knowledge you have about a subject, the more likely you are to succeed in that area. Dieting is no different.

 Join a health club

Join a local health club. If you can make exercise a social event, you’re more likely to keep it up. If you can, have a friend join with you to make it even less of a chore.

 Watch your salad dressing

Many people think they are eating healthy by ordering a salad, but normal salad dressing may contain over 30 grams of fat! Make sure you order “low-fat” or “non-fat” salad dressing. Not only are you saving the fat, but low-fat dressing tastes so good these days, you probably won’t even notice the difference.

Helpful Hints When Eating Out

1. Drink a high nutrient supplement prior to going to a restaurant. It will help curb your appetite. Hard cheese is a great supplement for this as well. Follow the high nutrient supplement with at least 8 oz. of water.

2. Know in advance what you want to order and stick with it! Reading over the menu may trigger visual cues too tempting to withstand. Be the first to order so you will not be tempted by other people’s choices.

3. Key words to look for: Broiled, grilled, roasted, baked, steamed, or poached. Even though these words imply a low-fat alternative, most foods are often basted in butter. Ask how food is prepared. Often on request, many restaurants will use lemon juice or wine instead of butter. If the menu has a fried selection, request the food be grilled instead.

4. Always stay within the guidelines. For example: A steamed vegetable needs to be a vegetable that is acceptable to your diet.

5. Be careful at salad bars. Salad bars contain many hidden fat selections. These are some of the popular salad bar foes: Potato salad, coleslaw, meat salads, marinated vegetables, pasta salads, cheese, bacon, croutons, and salad dressings. These are all high fat salad bar items. When ordering a pre-made salad, ask for the dressing on the side or for no dressing and use oil and vinegar instead.

6. When you read a menu here are some words to avoid: Au gratin, Bearnaise sauce, Bechamel sauce, Beurre sauce, Buttered, Butter sauce, Buttery, Cheese sauce, Creamed, Cream sauce, Creamy, Creme, Crispy, en croute, Enscalloped, Fried, Hollandaise sauce, in pastry, Meuniere, Newberg, parmigiana, Pan-fried, Sauteed. These usually indicate a high fat selection.

Free Diet Tips – The importance of eating breakfast when dieting


Doctors say that your metabolism doesn’t really kick into gear until you eat your first meal of the day. Make it a point to have a good nutritional breakfast to start the day.

 Start Today

Start today, not tomorrow or the next day, do it today. Many people say to themselves: “Today’s the last day of eating, then I’ll start tomorrow”. Then tomorrow the same procedure starts again.


Use mustard on all your sandwiches instead of mayonnaise. Mustard has no fat and very little calories while Mayo, on the other hand, is loaded with fat. If you just don�t like the taste of mustard, find a low-fat alternative, but avoid mayonnaise at all costs. 

 Make a list

Make a list of healthy foods that have no fat in them. When you crave a snack, allow yourself to eat, but only from that list. This will help you make a good decision when you stomach is doing the thinking.

 First day blues

The first day is always the hardest day. Just remember, it gets easier as the days pass. Try to start your diet on a workday or on a day with many events planned to take your mind off of food. Making it through the first day will take plenty of determination, but it is the biggest step in your return to health.


Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to stop eating to lose weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your body is programmed to speed up your metabolism and burn calories when you eat. The key is to eat healthier and drink plenty of water.

Free Diet Tips – Reward yourself when you have success

 Reward yourself

Give yourself as much incentive as possible to reach your goals. Put aside money for every pound you lose and allow yourself to buy a fun gift for yourself when you reach your goal. It may seem silly, but losing weight is something that deserves reward.

 Avoid these words

Do not think or say the following: “I�ll start tomorrow”, ” I�ll eat it now and really exercise hard later”, or “It’s too hard”. Remember that it’s only food, and you can beat it!

 Divide Your Diet

I like to divide my weight loss goals into equal parts and reward myself after completing each level. To me, it’s a better motivator and each little goal is easier to accomplish.

 Make a change every day

Keep trying different things until you succeed. I find that even diet tactics that worked for me in the past don’t work today. So I’m always trying new ways to motivate myself, exercise and eat right.

 Be social

Go out dancing. It’s a great way to get your exercise in while having fun. You should look into other activities that are “exercise in disguise” such as: going to the zoo, walking around the shopping mall, taking in an amusement park or going swimming at the beach.

 Keep on walking

Walking is one of the best exercises we can do! Look at your life and see if more walking can be inserted. For example: If you’re going to 2 different stores, in close proximity of each other, park in the middle and walk to both, as oppose to driving to one and then driving to the other. Anothe example is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. The point is: there are many little choices throughout the day that can add up to a very healthy lifestyle.