Kathmandu Valley painting – Hugo Kreijger

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Kathmandu Valley painting

Authors : Hugo Kreijger
Publisher : Shambhala
Published Date : 1999-08-17
ISBN-13 : 9781570624544
Page : 128 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Kathmandu Valley painting

     An indispensable source for all lovers of the art of the Himalayan region, Kathmandu Valley Paintings provides visual access to the Ernst and Angela Jucker collection of Nepalese painting. The core of this peerless collection was assembled by the Juckers during the 1960s in India, with a few well-judged additions in recent years filling in the remaining stylistic and iconographic lacunae. The collection gives an excellent overall view of the painting tradition in the Kathmandu Valley from the thirteenth through nineteenth centuries – including several extremely rare scrolls for which there are no comparable pieces in other private or public collections. The Jucker collection is a revelatory glimpse at the story of Nepalese painting for every lover of Asian art, both scholar and novice.

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