Calorie Shifting What A Healthy Easy Diet Is All About

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Hi, it’s Betty again!

As I already said, a healthy easy diet is based on calorie shifting. So, in these past few days I got some emails asking for an explanation. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in dark any longer.

What is calorie shifting?

It is a dieting technique that has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight. It is fast, safe and doesn’t require hard work! That is why I was so amazed when I was told about it. Everything I tried earlier needed hard work, but offered nothing in return. And what I found most interesting – you can eat most of your favorite meals, although fast foods are not recommended.

Because this diet is so unusual and goes against most dieting rules and standards, people are quick to dismiss this diet as being a scam. But anyone who tries this diet quickly finds out how shocking the weight loss effect is. It’s just something you have to see to believe.

Why other diets don’t work?

And when you understand calorie shifting and the proper value of good healthy diet recipes, you’ll understand why other diets just don’t work. I mean, some of them may work in a short run, but as soon as your body realizes that you are starving, it’ll start to store fat and you’ll get the opposite effect. You could end up even fatter than when you started. Not to mention how unhealthy it can be not to eat full meals.

So, how to do it properly…

The most important part of calorie shifting is that you have to eat meals few times a day. No snacks or tiny meals are allowed in between. Every meal should again have different calorie values, but must be a full meal. Drinking lots of water during calorie shifting helps speed up the process and increase the weight loss effect because the water will flush out the food and help keep metabolism high. Because you are eating meals in different calorie values, you will cause a unique reflex in your body which will raise metabolism and fat burning and keep it high for as long as you keep doing calorie shifting so you can lose weight while you sleep! In short calorie shifting works by getting you to eat the right food at specific times of the day and then by rotating it so your metabolism never gets used to any routine.

But, if you are interested in performing a calorie shifting diet, it is very important to have a guide to help you. You can always try it on your own, but a lot of times, people end up wasting a lot of time and money with trial-and-error when trying to figure this diet out on their own. As far as I know, the only diet that uses calorie shifting is the one I was recommended and can be found online. But, more about it soon…

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