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I love really thin crust, crispy pizza. Diet pizzas in the store are light on toppings and heavy on crust. I use my bread machine to make dough – (about 1/2 the flour is wh. wheat flour).

I divide the dough into 10 parts (120 cal. per piece) and roll each piece out as thin as I possibly can. This gives me full plate size crusts. I bake them on a pizza stone, cool them on a rack, and store for meals during the week.

I can make REALLY good, full plate size pizzas with 300 – 400 calories. Weigh the cheese and other ingredients. I used to think the greater the amount of cheese, the tastier. I now know less is more!

Making your own sauce from tomato paste give you control of salt, etc. My favorite is BBQ chicken. By keeping baggies of caramelized onions, grilled chicken strips, etc. available in the fridge the pizzas are quick to make and bake on the pizza stone.

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