Free Diet Tips – Avoid Making Decisions on an Empty Stomach

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 Chew gum

Chewing gum is a great way to keep your mouth busy instead of eating. Plus the flavor in your mouth can help take away some of your craving for food.

 Stop Drinking Soda

I know people say to switch to diet soda, but it really does make the craving for sweets stronger. It is actually not very healthy at all to drink them. My suggestion is to drink sparkling water with lemon or lime or a bit of juice mixed in like cranberry. It is more refreshing than a soda, has less calories and sodium, …and if you put a lemon wedge on the rim and a straw in the glass, you feel kind of pampered.

 Avoid Making Decisions on an Empty Stomach

Have a predetermined meal plan for each day so you don�t have to choose on an empty stomach. You want to think with your head and not let your stomach start making decisions for you! It�s all about making good decisions.

 Enlist a friend

Enlist the support of a friend and make a friendly competition of it. This will help both of you stay motivated and it will make your diet fun.


If you have a picture of yourself that you absolutely hate because your fat in it, bring it around with you and bring it out every time you feel like eating unhealthy. Drastic? Yes. Effective? Yes.

 Make a declaration

When your setting a diet goal, tell that one person who would make sure to �rub-it-in� if you failed. By doing this, you put yourself in a position of �I�d better do this or I�m never going to hear the end of it.� By putting yourself out on a limb, you expose yourself to a potentially embarrassing situation, but now you have given yourself a major reason why you have to lose the weight. It�s amazing what humans can do when there�s no backing out.

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