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 Come up with a game plan

Saying to yourself: “I’ll just eat less” or “I just won’t eat bad foods” simply doesn’t work. You must come up with a complete game plan. Know how much you weigh, what you want to weigh and what you’re going to do to make it happen. Understand that this is going to require effort and discipline on your part, but the results will make it all worthwhile.

 The importance of exercise

Many dieters mistakenly fail to include exercise as part of their diet plan. Losing weight involves two parts: eating less and exercising more. Make sure you properly plan exercise into your daily life and you’ll see fast weight-loss results.


Goals are the most important thing to establish when you are starting a diet. In addition to long-term goals, make shorter, more obtainable goals that will help motivate you in the direction you wish. Keep your goals reasonable and you’ll find that the little success of accomplishing your short-term goals will go a long way towards achieving your total weigh-loss goal.

 Cleanup Your Life

Although they appear unrelated: clean out your car, your home, your desk, etc… As you diet, you’re cleansing your body and getting healthy and right along with that comes cleaning out your entire life. From a mental standpoint, you’re eliminating all that is dirty and impure and change your lifestyle completely.

 Use your free time wisely

When watching television, do 2 minutes worth of exercise during the commercials. Take advantages of your breaks at work, a quick walk will not only be great for your diet, but most likely improve your performance at work. Finding time to exercise is easy, if you’re a little creative.

 Weigh yourself often

It’s best to weigh yourself on a regular schedule and stick to that schedule. Always weigh yourself at the same time as your weight can fluctuate over the course of the day. We suggest you weigh yourself it in the morning, after you’ve waken up and gone to the bathroom, before any eating or drinking that day.

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