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 Enjoy the foods you love

Take your favorite recipes and try making them with low fat ingredients. The advancements in technology have really made an improvement to the taste of “low fat” food items and many people cannot tell the difference between the “low fat” and the standard product.


Treadmills are great indoor exercise machines. They are easy to use, low impact, adjustable to your speed and they burn a ton of calories. Plus, you can watch television, read the newspaper or listen to music while exercising.

 There’s a link between lack of sleep and weight gain.

From CNN: People gain weight when they don’t get enough sleep. Studies have shown that sleep loss triggers higher levels of a hormone that triggers appetite, and that sleep-deprived people eat more. Other studies have shown that lack of sleep can also increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

 Plan the details

Since the first day will be the hardest, plan every detail possible the day before. For example: outline exactly what your going to eat, where your going to be, and what activities you have planned, for every hour of the day. Keep this outline with you and stick to the plan 100%.

 Order wisely

When you go out to eat, remember that the restaurants are there to serve you. They will make substitutions on their menu for health reasons. All food dishes can be made healthier simply by removing the cheese and dressing. Be creative and you can still have a very tasty meal.

 Avoid the kitchen

On your first day, don’t put yourself in places where temptation will be strong. Be drastic if you must, lock yourself in your room and spend the whole day reflecting and meditating. Whatever works for you is fine, but you must ask yourself: “Is it worth wasting an entire day so that every day after that will be one of improved health?”

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