Free Diet Tips – Housework counts as exercise

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Housework? Yes, doing housework is great exercise, plus you get your chores done! Remember, you can find exercise in your everyday life and yes, it does count.

 Fast Food Frenzy

Everywhere you look today, it seems a new fast food restaurant is popping up. If you’re on a diet, do your best to simply avoid these places. The chances of finding something healthy there is almost nonexistent.


Taking a multi-vitamin can help supplement some of the nutrients your body misses, now that your not eating as much. 

 Starting a diet takes time

Engineering a diet is not a simple task. You wouldn’t start a business in 10 minutes, why do we only put that much effort into planning our diets when we all know health is more important then money? Allow yourself time to plan out an effective strategy that will work for you. You may want to write out your strategy like you would a business plan, complete with charts to help map out your goals over time. Use to chart the progress of your diet just as you would use accounting software to chart the progress of your business.

 Baby steps

If you have a lot of weight to lose, it could seem like a nearly impossible mountain to climb. Remember that while your overall goal may be a large weight loss, you still get rewarded along the way. For example: if you want to lose 50 lbs and you only have lost 20 so far, you still look that much better then 20 lbs ago, even though your not at your overall goal yet. So don’t think of it as “I have to lose 50 lbs or I wont be happy.” think of it as: “I’m going to lose 4 lbs this week and look that much better… then next week, I’ll lose 4 more pounds and look 8 lbs better.”


If you haven’t done so already, switch to diet soft drinks. An average 12 Oz can of regular soda contains around 120 calories, while the diet version usually has one or zero. If you drink 3 cans a day, you’ll be saving 360 calories right there. Now multiply that by 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year… You’ll be saving a lot of calories!

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