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One step at a time

Let’s face it; changing our eating habits overnight is a very difficult and daunting task. Add additional exercise to your daily routine and basically your changing your entire lifestyle overnight. Not an easy thing to do. Instead of trying to do everything at once, come up with a game plan to slowly adjust your lifestyle. For example: on the first day, cut out all fast food. After a week, add 10 minutes of daily exercise. After two weeks, cut out all eating after 8 p.m. The key is writing your goals down on paper. Be as detailed as you can and stick to your plan no matter what.

Avoid pre-diet eating

How often have you said: �I�m starting my diet on this day, so I�ll eat whatever I want until then?� Binging before a diet is like driving a few miles in reverse before starting a long road trip. Don�t put yourself in a hole and don�t use the fact that you�re starting a diet later as an excuse to over eat today.


The real key to losing weight is getting started and building momentum. After your body adjusts to the change in eating habits, and you start to feel light and fresh, dieting is so much easier. Remember that after the first day, every day gets easier and you’ll wonder why it was so hard to begin!


Think of how almost every area of your life can be improved if you lost weight. Then think about how much your life is hampered by eating unhealthy. Remember to think of the “pros & cons” before you eat.


Be honest with yourself. No one will know if you eat to much and no one may know if you don’t exercise, but you’ll know. And remember, your doing it for yourself and not anyone else. You can lie to other people, but you can’t lie to yourself.

Gain Muscle, Lose Fat

Everyone thinks of Cardio exercise when they think of losing weight, but lifting weights should be part of your program too. Weight lifting builds muscles which makes you look more firm and helps you burn more calories! You don’t have to lift heavy or long, just enough to start tiring out your muscles to get good results.

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