Free Diet Tips – Reward yourself when you have success

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 Reward yourself

Give yourself as much incentive as possible to reach your goals. Put aside money for every pound you lose and allow yourself to buy a fun gift for yourself when you reach your goal. It may seem silly, but losing weight is something that deserves reward.

 Avoid these words

Do not think or say the following: “I�ll start tomorrow”, ” I�ll eat it now and really exercise hard later”, or “It’s too hard”. Remember that it’s only food, and you can beat it!

 Divide Your Diet

I like to divide my weight loss goals into equal parts and reward myself after completing each level. To me, it’s a better motivator and each little goal is easier to accomplish.

 Make a change every day

Keep trying different things until you succeed. I find that even diet tactics that worked for me in the past don’t work today. So I’m always trying new ways to motivate myself, exercise and eat right.

 Be social

Go out dancing. It’s a great way to get your exercise in while having fun. You should look into other activities that are “exercise in disguise” such as: going to the zoo, walking around the shopping mall, taking in an amusement park or going swimming at the beach.

 Keep on walking

Walking is one of the best exercises we can do! Look at your life and see if more walking can be inserted. For example: If you’re going to 2 different stores, in close proximity of each other, park in the middle and walk to both, as oppose to driving to one and then driving to the other. Anothe example is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. The point is: there are many little choices throughout the day that can add up to a very healthy lifestyle.

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