Free Diet Tips – The importance of eating breakfast when dieting

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Doctors say that your metabolism doesn’t really kick into gear until you eat your first meal of the day. Make it a point to have a good nutritional breakfast to start the day.

 Start Today

Start today, not tomorrow or the next day, do it today. Many people say to themselves: “Today’s the last day of eating, then I’ll start tomorrow”. Then tomorrow the same procedure starts again.


Use mustard on all your sandwiches instead of mayonnaise. Mustard has no fat and very little calories while Mayo, on the other hand, is loaded with fat. If you just don�t like the taste of mustard, find a low-fat alternative, but avoid mayonnaise at all costs. 

 Make a list

Make a list of healthy foods that have no fat in them. When you crave a snack, allow yourself to eat, but only from that list. This will help you make a good decision when you stomach is doing the thinking.

 First day blues

The first day is always the hardest day. Just remember, it gets easier as the days pass. Try to start your diet on a workday or on a day with many events planned to take your mind off of food. Making it through the first day will take plenty of determination, but it is the biggest step in your return to health.


Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to stop eating to lose weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your body is programmed to speed up your metabolism and burn calories when you eat. The key is to eat healthier and drink plenty of water.

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