Helpful Hints When Eating Out

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1. Drink a high nutrient supplement prior to going to a restaurant. It will help curb your appetite. Hard cheese is a great supplement for this as well. Follow the high nutrient supplement with at least 8 oz. of water.

2. Know in advance what you want to order and stick with it! Reading over the menu may trigger visual cues too tempting to withstand. Be the first to order so you will not be tempted by other people’s choices.

3. Key words to look for: Broiled, grilled, roasted, baked, steamed, or poached. Even though these words imply a low-fat alternative, most foods are often basted in butter. Ask how food is prepared. Often on request, many restaurants will use lemon juice or wine instead of butter. If the menu has a fried selection, request the food be grilled instead.

4. Always stay within the guidelines. For example: A steamed vegetable needs to be a vegetable that is acceptable to your diet.

5. Be careful at salad bars. Salad bars contain many hidden fat selections. These are some of the popular salad bar foes: Potato salad, coleslaw, meat salads, marinated vegetables, pasta salads, cheese, bacon, croutons, and salad dressings. These are all high fat salad bar items. When ordering a pre-made salad, ask for the dressing on the side or for no dressing and use oil and vinegar instead.

6. When you read a menu here are some words to avoid: Au gratin, Bearnaise sauce, Bechamel sauce, Beurre sauce, Buttered, Butter sauce, Buttery, Cheese sauce, Creamed, Cream sauce, Creamy, Creme, Crispy, en croute, Enscalloped, Fried, Hollandaise sauce, in pastry, Meuniere, Newberg, parmigiana, Pan-fried, Sauteed. These usually indicate a high fat selection.

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