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Mother Food –
by Hilary Jacobson

Author Hilary Jacobson was the first to explore so-called “lactogenic” foods and herbs in the late 1980s. In her book, “Mother Food,” based on 15 years of research, she shows how these foods can be used to enhance milk production, prevent postpartum depression, increase energy, promote gentle weightloss and detox, improve the mother’s and baby’s immune systems, support a baby’s IQ and development, prevent colic and allergy, and even improve the taste of a mother’s milk. With this modern classic, Jacobson has given pregnant and breastfeeding mothers a unique dietary, herbal and health resource. Praised by mothers and professionals alike for its compassionate tone and its hard-to-find information, “Mother Food” is the essential dietary guide for pregnancy and the postpartum. Jacobson draws on traditions from around the world, summarizing their wisdom in succinct, easy-to-read language. Reviewing expert opinions and traditional systems of medicine, and offering remedies and recipes for a range of common feeding challenges, “Mother Food” is both a practical go-to and how-to. Recommended by lactation consultants and approved by the La Leche League International Book Evaluation Committee, “Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide with Lactogenic Foods and Herbs – Build Milk Supply, Boost Immunity, Lift Depression, Detox, Lose Weight, Optimize a Baby’s IQ, and Reduce Colic and Allergies” has become a favorite of mothers who want to optimize both their milk and milk production, while contributing to their own and their baby’s best health.

Doctor Kadans’ Herbal Weight Loss Diet
by Joseph M. Kadans

Stresses the importance of good nutrition, argues that certain herbs can promote safe weight loss, and suggests menus for healthful breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

Alkaline Diet
by Marla Wilson

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Do you ever wonder why many diet programs don’t really work?

Have you tried losing weight using any diet program and hit a brick wall?
Are your health and fitness sources of worry and concern for you?
If you answered “yes” to any of these, then this book was written for you.
This book has been carefully written in an unbiased manner to help you fully understand the internal workings of your body and how you can help to reduce excessive workload which causes your body to plunge into a state of being overweight, constantly fatigued, and unable to fight off diseases.
In this book, you will discover:

  • Misconceptions about the alkaline diet and weight loss
  • Effective ways to lose weight using the alkaline diet
  • The truth about counting calories with the aim of losing weight
  • Herbs that can help prevent diseases
  • Best ways to preserve medicinal herbs
  • Recommended herbs for boosting your body’s natural healing process

And much more!

Plus, there is a 7-Day Meal Plan to help you kickstart your journey into the alkaline way!

If keeping away from processed foods and fast food seems daunting to you, and if eating raw vegetables is just not your thing, then you need to see the amazing substitutes recommended in this book.

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Alkaline Diet for Beginners
by Emma Johnston

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Are you still thinking that your genes are fighting against you? You could be right, but you do not know where they lied to you. If you want to know the truth about Alkaline Diet then keep reading …

You’re probably someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, doing all of the right things, yet still suffering from health problem upon health problem that just won’t go away. You do your best to stay away from junk food yet you never seem able to lose that weight, cure your skin troubles, soothe your IBS or get a decent night’s sleep, and you’re almost giving up hope. You’ve probably tried treatment after treatment, never getting the results that you’re so desperate to see

The Alkaline Diet for Beginners was designed as an easy-to-follow guide to the most common foods that influence your body’s pH level.

In this book you will find useful information for getting started, such as:

– Top 10 Alkaline food you should be eating Every day,
– 21 Secrets to reset and understand pH right now
– How acidity damages your health (and what to do about it)
– Why you’ll never heal on guru’s nutritional guide
– Lose weight without dieting and cure your body
– How to alkalize your body naturally
– Understanding acidity, alkaline and the many myths on pH
– The role of fresh herbs and plants for health

Alkaline Diet Benefits:

– Lower risk for Hypertension and Stroke
– Lowers Chronic Pain and Inflammation
– Helps Improve Immune Function and Cancer Protection
– Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight
… And so much more …

How many hours of your life are you willing to waste to gather partial or false information, when you can get everything you need to REACH YOUR GOALS by reading this wonderful guide.

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Raw Chi
by Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Raw Chi discusses a breakthrough in health understanding, showing readers how to bridge the gap between the raw foods diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Offering an overview of the nature of foods and herbs used in TCM (ginseng, aged citrus peel, cinnamon twig, licorice root, and many others) in addition to sections dedicated to men’s and women’s health, author Rehmannia Dean Thomas educates readers on how to use centuries-old Chinese herbal formulas to balance a raw food diet.

TCM practitioners have typically discouraged maintaining diets high in raw foods, citing that they are yin in their energetic nature and can dampen the digestive fire, often resulting in fatigue, excess weight, or bloating, among other symptoms. Thomas observed that herbal formulas in the TCM material medica have been designed over many centuries to warm the middle Jiao area—the area from the diaphragm to the navel—and assist the digestive fire (similar to metabolism), thus helping to render raw foods into energy without accumulating moisture retention. The author shoes how an educated and responsible combination of raw food and Chinese herbal teas, tailored to one’s individual needs, can help raw foodists, and others, attain daily and long-term health.

Thomas describes chi in Western terms, helping readers to understand the meaning of this energy, how it is acquired and used for metabolism and health, and as an overall driver of evolution. He continues by describing the yin and yang of chi and how the foods we eat affect us all, and specifically as men and women—offering three herbal recipes each for men and women separately, and two tea recipes for both men and women. The text includes an appendix with instructions on different methods for herb preparation and sources for high-quality herbs.

10 Day Detox Diet: Complete Natural Detox Guide with Herbs
by David A. Grande

What is a detox all about? Does it really work and how should it be done? To get the answers to all of that and more, it is essential to get a copy of “10 Day Detox Diet: Complete Natural Detox Guide with Herbs.” As more and more persons are seeking more natural ways to solve common problems, this book is well timed. It shows how natural herbs can be used to cleanse the body. A detox is the best way to “reset” the body and get it back to a state where it is functioning effectively. A detox can also be the precursor to a new dietary lifestyle. This book guides the reader through the various processes. We are always trying to find the right diet to help us to keep the weight off. When we discovered the 10 day detox diet we are usually a little skeptical at first but then you decide to give it a try. It will start off slowly but soon you will realize that it was a viable option to lose weight. Based on the level of success you can have with this diet, you will undoubtedly start to share it with family and close friends. The circle of influence and the people that you can introduce to this diet will grow and grow daily. David A. Grande was always trying to find the right diet to help him to keep the weight off. When he discovered the 10 day detox diet he was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. It started off slowly but soon he realized that it was a viable option to lose weight. Based on the level of success that he had, he started to share with his family and close friends. The circle of persons that he was introducing this diet to grew and grew until he was fully entrenched in preparing informative pamphlets on the subject. That is how his book came into being.

Alkaline Herbal Medicine
by Aqiyl Aniys

Alkaline Herbal Medicine gives insight into many of the herbs used to reverse disease in Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance. It covers scientifically supported properties, preparation, doses and dosages, and how to combine herbs. It addresses alkaline foods on the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide, and their chemical affinity with and support of the electric body.The natural order in life designed the body to be healthy and heal under the right conditions. These conditions are programmed into the DNA of Homo sapiens, whose base DNA makeup is the African genome. Diets centered on the consumption of natural alkaline plant foods and ample exposure to the sun supported the healthy expression of the African genome. The environment of Africa, and environments similar to Africa, produced life that developed with a complete and balanced electrical structure. The plant life that grew in these environments grew under optimal conditions in nutrient rich soil under year long exposure to the sun. The resulting chemical makeup of these natural alkaline plants protected them from environmental stresses. Africans originally ate diets centered on the consumption of these plants, like the great apes of Africa, and the programming of the African genome used the protective nature of these plants’ nutrients to support its vibrancy.A scientific model supports the idea that Africans migrated out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago into the less hospitable environments of Europe and Asia. These environments didn’t support the healthy expression of the African genome and resulted in the mutation of the gene and the development of the Neanderthal of Europe and Denisovan of East Asia. Science has linked diseases like lupus, Crohn’s disease, and type 2 diabetes to the Neanderthal gene. The Neanderthals, who inhabited the Neandertal caves in Germany, ate a diet centered on the consumption of meat. The combination of their meat-centered diet and adverse relationship with the sun led to the development of dis-ease in the body. Now, the meat-centered diet is being globalized and is spreading disease throughout the world. An alkaline plant-centered diet and the use of alkaline herbal medicine naturally support the healthy expression of the African genome in all people, and reverses chronic disease. Pharmaceutical medicine is built on the power of medicinal herbs because around fifty percent of its drugs are derived from herbs. The issue is industry has strategically conditioned people to forget about the healing power of natural alkaline herbs.I dedicate this book in the memory of Alfredo Bowman lovingly known as Dr. Sebi. He helped us to remember that natural alkaline herbs and plant foods support the healthy expression of the African genome that is in all people. He did this by sharing his African Bio Mineral Balance methodology.Categories: herbal remedies, naturopathy, healing, herbs, herbal medicine

Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies
by Bell Torres

Discover the Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies Used to Treat Illness and Disease for Hundreds of Years…STOP Using Unnecessary Drugs and Pills, and Learn the Natural Cures Doctors Never Informed You About! Here are just a few amazing facts you’ll learn in this book: Learn the natural health concepts: Hydrotherapy, Herbalism, Eclectic Medicine and Natural Hygiene; Learn which natural herbs have a combined medicinal and culinary purpose you can use to enhance your health and lifestyle; How you can use sugar and fat to your advantage, instead of cutting them out of your diet; Learn the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and how you can avoid the bad drugs and pills; Discover the precise nature and structure of a chemical in an herb and how they react to your body and internal organs; The most important herbal supplements you should be adding to your diet; Learn the absolute truth about off-the-counter drugs; Natural skin remedies to help your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated and much more.