Healthy Easy Diet – Getting Into The Right Mind Set

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Believe it or not, there is a psychological factor that comes into play when you’re trying to lose weight. We like to compare it to the “rah rah” factor that you sometimes need to succeed in sports.

Look at your weight loss as your own personal sporting event. Just as you need to know the rules of the game as well as the basics of performing that game in sports, you also need the right information in your diet to make it effective.

When you have all the tools you need, you can become an excellent performer in almost anything you try in life. One of these tools is the right frame of mind. The right frame of mind will give you motivation, commitment, and the skills you need to overcome the obstacles that you might face along with temptations and distractions.

Think this sounds a little too “new age” for you? Think again!

When you have the right psychology during your weight loss journey, you will make your weight loss fun, easier, more exciting, and be able to develop changes towards a healthier lifestyle that will stay with you forever.

Your mindset controls your behavior, actions, and thoughts. As people grow, they develop habits and associations that govern their life. Most of these habits are controlled by our sub-conscious and we are generally unaware of them. However, your subconscious could also sabotage your efforts – also while you unaware of them.

This can be detrimental to your weight loss attempts. The right mindset entails using various techniques and strategies to control your behavior by monitoring your thoughts and actions. When you obtain this mindset, you will be better equipped to replace the old habits and associations that formed your thinking in the first place with new and more positive habits that will enable you to lost weight and be happier while you do so!

Developing the correct mindset doesn’t occur overnight. It take a little bit of effort, but in the end, it is well worth the time you’ll spend doing so. You will have to regularly monitor your progress and behavior. Sometimes it will be easy – at other times, it won’t. The good news is that there are some easy ways to begin to put yourself into the right mindset:

  • Write your goals down – tell yourself what weight you want to get to. While you’re at it, write down any other personal goals you might have as far as your life in general. Since you’re undertaking something as huge as losing your extra weight, you may as well also focus your efforts on improving other aspects of your life while you have the motivation and drive.
  • Be specific about what those goals are. When you generalize your goals, you are trivializing them. Your goals ARE IMPORTANT. Make them important!
  • Assign yourself a deadline. You want to lose weight. You want to do it by Christmas, or your wedding, or the next class reunion. When you assign a deadline, you give yourself a goal to work for, and like we said, your goals ARE IMPORTANT!
  • Make those goals measurable and achievable. Don’t think TOO big or try to undertake more than what you are capable of. If you need to lose 100 pounds, don’t expect to do it in a few weeks. Give yourself enough time to do so in a healthy manner. You could also try to break the goals down into easier increments. Tell yourself that you will lose 10 pounds over the next month. Then tell yourself the same thing the next month. Eventually, you’ll reach that goal and feel the satisfaction of being lighter than you were before.
  • Focus on those goals everyday. Post them on your refrigerator. Write them in your date book. Put a reminder on the visor of your car. When you focus on your goals, you will keep them in mind all the time and when they are first and foremost in your mind, you will be well on the way toward achieving them.
  • Be committed to those goals – at all costs. There’s a reason why you want to achieve those goals. When you are committed, those goals become the focus of your mind and they will be much easier to realize.

The battle with our metabolism as we age can’t be denied. Our metabolism, which transforms our food into energy, slows down with each passing year. If we don’t adjust our eating habits and our exercise to compensate, we slowly add additional pounds. We may feel betrayed, but the reality is we’re going to have to change some habits in order to maintain our weight.

If you take things one step at a time, there are basic steps that can be adopted. Stop telling yourself, “I just can’t do it.” You can coax yourself into a new habit of healthy eating.

Developing a psychology towards weight loss will help you achieve you goals and realize success. Aim high, push yourself to become the type of person you want to be and live the life that you want and deserve. We are not given the power of dreams without the power and ability to achieve those dreams. It’s time to start – RIGHT NOW!

Easy Healthy Diet – How It Changed My Life


My name is Betty Winter and I was overweight, but I am proud to say that I have lost almost 70 pounds in less then four months time!

If you need to lose weight fast and want to do it with aneasy healthy diet – then I’m so glad that you’ve found this website. You can CLICK HERE to see what diet I am using right away. Otherwise, I strongly suggest that you keep reading…

This is my uncensored diet story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that helped me achieve my goal of losing fat fast and easy – by finding this great online fat loss program.

But how did my search for the best diet begin? Well… I was at a friend’s house when I got on her scale (as I had been avoiding it for a while). I had gained 20 pounds in 2 months and that was December 18, 2008. I know the date because it changed my life, believe me.

When I weighed in at 227 pounds, I knew that if I didn’t make a change I would soon be over 250, or even 300 pounds.

And then it hit me. What am I doing with my life? My God, I was huge! Buying bigger and bigger clothes, knowing that my friends from work did notice that and you could feel the giggles behind my back. Furthermore, at home I felt like a stranger too. The passion in my relationship seemed to be at an all time low, my husband just didn’t appreciate me anymore. So, what was left – the comfort of junk food. My car used to smell like McDonalds! All in all, that was not the life I wanted anymore…

And I started my research…

I needed a change – trust me, here comes the hard part. My friends had so much advice that I didn’t know where to start! Millions of men and women all over the world struggle with weight issues and do not know how to resolve these problems. If you’re someone who has tried losing weight in the past using fad diets and unsuccessful visits to the gym, you are not alone. If losing weight were easy, everyone would be thin.

So, I tried the gym, it’s great, cardio gave me some strength but the weight was still there. Then I tried a few diets – almost starved myself to death! Well, combine starving with the gym and you’ll get your own near-death-experience. I wanted to lose weight but that was not the healthy or easy way to do it.

A year passed, and it was almost late April 2009 when I met this woman in a local store buying groceries. I asked how come she can buy all that food and stay so slim. Thank God, she was a talkative one. She told me to search for a certain diet online.

Well, I did, I had nothing to lose. I tried everything else that far. And that is when my life started to change. I finally found a diet that is fast, easy and healthy. And it worked!

Since then I’ve been losing fat easily. And with this particular diet I learned so much:

  • It created meal plans and recipes just for me.
  • I was able to eat. Even better, I was able to eat a few times a day, which means that I was not starving!
  • I learned all about calorie shifting and what I was doing wrong.
  • I was able to buy all my food in a store near my house. There was no need for some expensive fancy food that promises miracles, but does nothing at all.
  • I lost all my bad eating habits and it completely changed my life!

So, I must admit that I’ve lost over 60 pounds this year, and I think that I look great (my husband finally says so) That is why I started this blog – to encourage all my friends to try this diet too, because if I could have done it, you can do it also. Your weight and your health are in your hands, so if you’re like me, grab your life and start living healthy now!

Calorie Shifting What A Healthy Easy Diet Is All About

Hi, it’s Betty again!

As I already said, a healthy easy diet is based on calorie shifting. So, in these past few days I got some emails asking for an explanation. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in dark any longer.

What is calorie shifting?

It is a dieting technique that has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight. It is fast, safe and doesn’t require hard work! That is why I was so amazed when I was told about it. Everything I tried earlier needed hard work, but offered nothing in return. And what I found most interesting – you can eat most of your favorite meals, although fast foods are not recommended.

Because this diet is so unusual and goes against most dieting rules and standards, people are quick to dismiss this diet as being a scam. But anyone who tries this diet quickly finds out how shocking the weight loss effect is. It’s just something you have to see to believe.

Why other diets don’t work?

And when you understand calorie shifting and the proper value of good healthy diet recipes, you’ll understand why other diets just don’t work. I mean, some of them may work in a short run, but as soon as your body realizes that you are starving, it’ll start to store fat and you’ll get the opposite effect. You could end up even fatter than when you started. Not to mention how unhealthy it can be not to eat full meals.

So, how to do it properly…

The most important part of calorie shifting is that you have to eat meals few times a day. No snacks or tiny meals are allowed in between. Every meal should again have different calorie values, but must be a full meal. Drinking lots of water during calorie shifting helps speed up the process and increase the weight loss effect because the water will flush out the food and help keep metabolism high. Because you are eating meals in different calorie values, you will cause a unique reflex in your body which will raise metabolism and fat burning and keep it high for as long as you keep doing calorie shifting so you can lose weight while you sleep! In short calorie shifting works by getting you to eat the right food at specific times of the day and then by rotating it so your metabolism never gets used to any routine.

But, if you are interested in performing a calorie shifting diet, it is very important to have a guide to help you. You can always try it on your own, but a lot of times, people end up wasting a lot of time and money with trial-and-error when trying to figure this diet out on their own. As far as I know, the only diet that uses calorie shifting is the one I was recommended and can be found online. But, more about it soon…

Dont Hate Calories Easy Healthy Diet

To understand better what it means – having your mind set to being on the right path with your easy healthy diet, here is an interesting article from the ebook “How To Boost Your Metabolism”. You can get the entire book for free (among other 5 ebooks) if you start your “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” program through my site.

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The word calorie has a bad rap. We constantly come across calorie reduced or low calorie foods. And it’s not uncommon to overhear someone gasp about the immense calorie content of certain foods, such as a rich and creamy desert, or a giant fast food burger.

All of this anti-calorie rhetoric therefore has made a lot of us pretty calorie-phobic; as soon as we see something that has lots of them, we run away.

But is this wise?

Yes and no. Yes, it’s wise in the sense that avoiding that doublelayer chocolate fudge cake for desert is probably a good idea (actually, scratch that; it is a good idea). The calories that come from the cake are really going to be the socalled empty calorie kind; which means that there’s no real nutritional value that your body can squeeze out and make use of.

But in the bigger picture, it’s unwise for your metabolism to become calorie-avoidant.


Because your body is a marvelous machine that tries, at all times, to do what it can to make your life easier. Indeed, while it may not always function at optimal levels (for a variety of reasons, including genetics), it still tries to do its very best. The body, for all of its limitations and so forth, is not a lazy thing!

With this in mind, the body is always trying to keep is alive and functioning in the manner that it deems to be healthiest.

And that’s why if you suddenly decrease the amount of calories that you need, your body won’t try to do more with less. In other words, your body won’t respond in the way that you want it to: it won’t necessarily provoke catabolism and thus reduce weight and fat cells.

Instead, your smart and wise body will try to keep you alive by slowing down its metabolism. It will simply believe that something is wrong – maybe you’re trapped somewhere without food – and it will just begin to become very stingy with energy.

So what’s the end result?

If your body needs 2000 calories a day to survive, and you suddenly give it only 1000, it won’t begin to burn off 1000 calories worth of cells that you have lying around on your love handles. Instead, your body will slow down its metabolism. It will really try and get as much energy out of those 1000 calories, because it doesn’t want to waste anything…